Ariel Braunstein

Chief Product Officer

Ariel Braunstein is Chief Product Officer, setting Lytro’s product direction and driving the company’s end-to-end product management process.

Ariel has a long track record of building successful consumer software and hardware businesses. Prior to joining Lytro, Ariel Founded and served as CEO of Knowmia, a video platform for education. Ariel was also Co-Founder and Head of Products at Pure Digital Technologies, which developed the iconic Flip Video line of pocket camcorders that sold 7M units in under 4 years and won IDSA’s Design of the Decade Award for “Most Appealing Consumer Solution.” When Pure Digital was acquired by Cisco in 2009, Ariel headed all products for Cisco’s Consumer Products Division and oversaw Flip Video as well as networking devices and software from Linksys, Pure Networks and other consumer brands. Previously Ariel ran Interact Inc., a gaming platform startup out of Israel and led product development for which was later sold to Sega of Japan.

Ariel is the son of a professional photographer, and still has vivid memories of crawling on film in his living room which doubled as a darkroom. Ariel grew up in Israel and currently resides in San Francisco with his wife and son.