Lytro ILLUM held in hand


With a single exposure from Lytro ILLUM, you have the creative freedom to adjust aperture, customize animations and change focal points to create multiple results, including Living Pictures, 3D lenticular prints and stereoscopic side-by-side 3D animations.

Lytro Power Tools - Kid with airplane with out focus spread


Lytro Power Tools are a set of command line utilities that make Light Field exploration directly accessible through a Lytro camera, allowing unprecedented level of creative control and flexibility for users.

Developed for artists, developers and researchers, or anyone who is interested in experimenting with Light Field imagery using a Lytro camera, LPT provides full access for complete control at every step – from raw Light Field data to Living Pictures to animation. Lytro Power Tools Beta is available to all ILLUM users. If you would like to participate as a Beta user, please view the requirements on how to register.

Guy holding Lytro ILLUM


At Lytro we are leveraging our patented Light Field technology to create breakthrough solutions for cinematography, virtual reality, and science and industry. We are inventors, on a journey to chart the future course of Light Field imaging, and are always interested in connecting with other talented professionals who share a passion for what we are doing.

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